Welcome Hira’s Steak and Sushi

Starting Feb 16, 2015, we are changing the name of our restaurant to Hira’s Steak and Sushi. The name change is intended to distinguish the locally owned Olathe restaurant from those owned by a national chain using the same Haru’s name, and to avoid any confusion between the two entities.

Despite our new name, and the independence it expresses, please be assured that we will continue to present the same contemporary Japanese dining creations and uniquely hospitable treatment you have come to know.

Our traditions will continue. First, our presentation of novel creations as opposed to the cookie-cutter offerings made by others. Second, our devotion to customer service and value to a level not possible with profit-first large entities. Third, we wish to confirm our identity within our community here. We are happy with where we are, and with what we do. And now we will be called Hira’s.